Hardware engineering & manufacture

We providing full spectrum of services for electronic product design.

  • Schematic design
  • PCB (printed circuit board) design (of analog, digital, mixed-signal and telecom boards) include complex design with BGA packages
    1. PCB 3D models
    2. Thermal modeling
    3. Signal Integrity Analysis (SI)
    4. Electromagnetic compatibility Analysis (EMC)
    5. Power Integrity Analysis (PI)
  • Mechanical integration (equipment racking, metal/plastic housing integration, …)
  • Simulation and fast prototyping of critical parts of the product
  • Board bring-up
  • Prototyping: sourcing, assembly and test 
  • Pre-certification work for CE/UL/FCC marking 
  • JTAG-testing and microcircuit programming 
  • FPGA/CPLD programming and IP kernel design
    1. Use of hardware description language: Verilog, VHDL
    2. Use of ARM, PowerPC, NIOS II, Microblaze processor cores combined with CAN, USB, Ethernet, PCIe, DDR3/DDR4 and other modules
    3. IP cores development (video controllers, DSP, coprocessors, etc)
    4. Algorithm implementation to FPGA