Embedded software engineering

We can develop various types of embedded software: board support packages (BSP), installation packages for OS Linux, OS Windows Compact/WinCE and Android, microcontroller software.

Board support package (BSP) developing 

  • BSP creation, including boot loaders (U-boot, RedBoot, EBOOT, DSP boot) 
  • Driver development for devices, protocol stacks development, root driver development for system interfaces, also for memory (dynamic/static) 
  • Power-on self-test sequence development 
  • File systems images development 
  • Writing scripts for firmware and distribution assembly 
  • Boot time optimization 
  • Boot image size optimization

Board support package adaptation (existing BSPs to new SoC) 

  • Porting existing BSPs to new SoC 

Embedded software application development 

  • OS dependent applications 
  • Middleware
  • RTOS-controlled firmware 
  • Bare metal firmware

DSP based Digital Signal Processing and algorithm optimization 

Database (sqlite, MySQL, Postgresql, MSSQL) 

Dedicated Graphical User Interfaces Engineering: 

  • Embedded Web technologies (HTML, Javascript, PHP, AJAX), 
  • Apple iPhone and iPad Interfaces (iOS), 
  • Android Smartphone and tablets Interfaces, 
  • Windows Platform Interfaces,
  • Linux Platform Interfaces, 
  • Java Interfaces (Embedded into web page or standalone) 
  • QT GUI interface o Silverlight Embedded interface 
  • HTML5 interface 

Integration Standard Network protocol : TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP and etc.

Industrial protocol integration: ProfiNET, EtherCAT, ProfiBUS, ModBUS RTU, ModBUS TCP, CANOpen, MQTT, IEC61850 and etc.