Windows Embedded Compact adaptation for Atmel SAMA5D4x SoC



Who needs Windows Embedded Compact 7 support on Atmel SAMA5D44-EK (Atmel SAMA5D4x SoC).

About project

The SAMA5D44-EK kit designed for evaluating Atmel SAMA5D4x processor with ARM Cortex-A5 core with L2 cache support. Our task was to develop Windows Embedded Compact 7 board support package for Atmel SAMA5D4x processor with all main features support.


The SAMA5D41 is an ARM® Cortex™-A5 processor-based embedded microprocessor unit (eMPU) operating at 528MHz (840DMIPS). The device features Neon and L2 cache for system performance and a comprehensive peripheral set for connectivity and user interface such as a 720p Hardware video decoder, a TFT LDC controller, dual Ethernet, HS USB and much more. It also integrates high level security features such as on-the-fly encryption/decryption of the external DDR, hardware accelerated encryption engines supporting RSA and ECC, as well as tamper detection pins and secure data storage. The devices comes with a free Atmel Windows Embedded Compact 7 distribution.