WEC7 for Parallella-16 Embedded Platform with Xilinx Zynq-7000 EPP



Who needs Windows Embedded Compact 7 support on Adapteva Parallella-16 Embedded Platform (example - Medical area).

About project

The Parallella-16 Embedded Platform designed for evaluating Epiphany-III 16 cores RISC processor with Xilinx Zynq-7000 as host system. Our task was to develop Windows Embedded Compact 7 board support package for Xilinx Zynq-7000 EPP with special library for Epiphany multicore CPU.


Star Milestone

DAB-Embedded experts made Windows Embedded Compact 7 board support package for Parallella-16 Embedded Platform and modified Epiphany Software Development Kit for Windows Embedded platform. 

Parallella board:


Epiphany Software Development Stack for Windows Embedded Compact:


Board support package include:

EBOOT bootloader with L1 instruction and data cache, UART, Watchdog, Ethernet and SDHC.
Transfering parameters from EBOOT to OAL (OAL ARGs);

OAL with:

  • L1 instruction and data cache initialization, L2 cache initialization;
  • 2nd core initialization;
  • Interrupt controller (GIC) initialization;
  • Real Time Clock (software-based) initialization;
  • Vector float point (VFPv4) unit initialization;
  • Initialization translation table for the OS (fixed or variable);
  • Core profiler initialization;
  • Debug output initialization;
  • Kernel independent Transport Layer (KITL) with GEMAC network peripheral (poll or interrupt mode) for core debugging;
  • Virtual Network Miniport (VMINI) bridge for simultaneous operation of the code debugger and network adapter in the OS;
  • Watchdog timer initialization;
  • Power management system initialization with support of the OEMIdle() idleness subroutine (where WFI instruction should be used);

Kernel drivers for:
  • SD/SDHC/eMMC memory, SDIO devices;
  • HDMI display support;
  • General digital I/O (GPIO);
  • I2C bus;
  • UART support;
  • GEMAC (10/100/1000);
  • USB Host with external PHY;
  • eLink support;
Experts from DAB-Embedded company devep eHAL library specially for communication between Windows Embedded Compact application and Epiphany Processor. Now developer is able to debug Epiphany applications from Visual Studio IDE directly.


DAB-Embedded released Windows Embedded Compact 7 board support package for Parallella-16 Embedded Platform with Software Developer Kit, especially "cooked" for Epiphany-III 16 cores processor.