Support by DAB: Easy start with Xilinx Zynq and Ultrascale Zynq

May 3, 2018
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DAB-Embedded offers easy-way support (on site or remote) for customers who decided to use Xilinx Zynq and Ultrascale Zynq.

Using UltraZed-EG board with UltraZed-EG IO Carrier Card we are offering new support service - fast start with Xilinx Zynq (Ultrascale Zynq) & Vivado.

Our support includes:
- Vivado Design Suite demo (how to create project based on platform package, add new components)
- How to compile Vivado design
- Constrains
- How to create Software development kit (SDK) based on Vivado project
- How to debug baremetal/FreeRTOS application using JTAG
- How to get access to FPGA components from ARM side using SDK
- How to build FSBL using existing Vivado project

- How to create PetaLinux project using Vivado project
- How to import Vivado project settings into PetaLinux project
- How to build PetaLinux project
- How to create Linux application using PetaLinux BSP (from Vivado)
- How to debug Linux user application using TCF (via Ethernet)